Entrepreneurial Development

Assessment and Development

CED Group has partnered with talent development and management organizations to development assessments and evaluation tools to help entrepreneurs identify their strengths and weaknesses, clarify their and their organization's values, and create compelling leadership alignment regarding the entrepreneurial opportunity at hand. With the assessment complete, our partners can assist the founder in management and leadership development of the team and in maximizing business and market impact.

Survey of Business Opportunities

The CED Group uses the economic development assessment of infrastructure, industry cluster analysis, and innovation economy, and includes diasporic surveys and assessments of underserved markets to identify opportunity gaps for high expectation entrepreneurs. Transparency of opportunity is a needed and oft missing requirement in creating a more inclusive economic eco-system.

Successful Models

The right combinations of finance availability, government policies, regulations, and programs, education and training, research and development transfer, commercial infrastructure, physical infrastructure, and market openness can have significant impact on the number of active high expectation entrepreneurs and creation of high-growth business firms. The CED Group provides benchmarking analysis to help economic development professionals, legislators, and public policy administrators make high leverage decisions regarding creating the right environment and support of entrepreneurial activity.

Global Entrepreneur Monitor Analysis

Using the world's foremost studies and data on entrepreneurship, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the CED Group can provide unique insight to promote evidence-based policies. GEM is the richest resource of information on entrepreneurship.