Enterprise Development

Structuring Ownership

Structuring and organizing of a firm for ownership and capitalization considerations contains more than a few critical decisions. It requires understanding the existing entities, the desired outcomes, and any needed interim steps to reach the desired outcome. Choosing C-corp, S-corp, LLC, LLP, MLP, or other combination and hybrid legal structures that yield the best opportunity to facilitate growth and wealth creation requires carefully sorting all the constraints and needed characteristics. Our legal and business teams can help firms of all types determine the best path forward, depending on the desired outcomes.

Attracting Investors

The CED Group can help firms to attract investors through a myriad of channels. We have developed relationships with agents, finders, consultants, incubators, and investors at all stages of investment activity, from angel investing to public equity. We support firms in developing their private placement memorandum and assure investments are in compliance with federal securities laws and investors can make fully informed decisions. We also support firms in executing either a term sheet or the needed subscription agreements with potential, accredited investors.

Debt Management

Many firms need support in determining the most advantageous way to structure the firm's debt through the full growth and business life cycle of the enterprise. Choosing, optimally mixing, and managing corporate debt, dealing with investment bankers on corporate bonds and medium-term notes, determining needs for commercial paper in working capital or bridge financing, and working with banks on investment-grade, leveraged, or syndicated loans all present unique risks and opportunities for funding the ongoing operations of the firm. The CED Group will support firms navigate this landscape as they look to build greater sophistication in managing their debt.

Growth Strategies

There are a myriad of business models, so choosing the best model to support the desired growth of the firm's business and the associated revenue can be a real challenge. Many a firm has experienced severely limited growth purely due to the constraint of the business model and the lack of ability to scale the chosen business model. The CED Group supports business leaders in understanding the options available to them in removing the growth constraints of the enterprise. Organic growth, diasporic marketing, franchising, licensing, joint marketing, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, revenue sharing, marketing networks, virtual networks, value chain management, horizontal integration, and vertical integration all have their place as potential business growth platforms. Our team can help business leaders craft a strategy and well-integrated, aligned business model with the right processes and systems to power the firm's growth.

Exit Strategies

Exit Strategies | Having a line-of-sight and ultimately creating liquidity event or multiple liquidity events which allows for investor exit is an important aspect of any firm's life cycle. Without a line-of-sight to such an event, many firms fail to attract the capital they need. Without these events, the assets developed by the firm are illiquid and make it difficult for the investors to realize their return. IPOs and public stock exchanges, mergers, acquisitions, and management buyouts all have their risks and rewards. The CED Group helps firms to understand the strategies available and make the strategic decisions needed to for investors to capture the value that has been created by the firm.