Corporate Services

Supply Chain Analysis

A highly effective, efficient, and innovative supply chain can be a tremendous source of competitive advantage in the target market and in the broader economy. Sadly, few firms know how to leverage their supply chain to yield any competitive advantage. In most corporations, buying decisions are typically diffused and tactical and lacking of any strategic intent for the organization. The CED Group partners are supply chain experts and will analyze your corporate supply chain to determine where there are opportunities to lower risk concentration, improve effectiveness, increase efficiency, unleash greater creativity, and create more value in the marketplace, thereby creating and sustaining the strategic competitive advantages. Our techniques for strategic sourcing assure these outcomes and leverage inclusiveness and the means to attract and develop highly competitive suppliers based on the strategic objectives of the firm.

Supplier Capability Certification

As firms allocate more of their limited resources to their core competencies and outsource non-core activities, reliance and dependence on suppliers is increasing. Supplier assessment and selection becomes a critical competency and the CED Group helps firms to develop and matures that competency. Research indicates that, while hard, quantifiable criteria capabilities are important, even greater correlation to a buying firm's business performance is related to a supplier's values, culture, willingness to openly share strategic information, and commitment to delivering value. Our capability assessment includes both hard, quantifiable capabilities and softer, more strategic capabilities to assure good fit.

Global Business Services

The CED Group partners can provide a myriad of corporate services that allow your firm to outsource non-core activities. Labor intensive corporate functions with highly transactional work tasks such as HR Payroll and Benefits, Legal Operations, Finance and Accounting Operations, Customer Care, Outbound Sales, Procurement, Compliance and other Operations all require scale to gain economies and deliver relatively few competitive advantages by being run as core activities. Outsourcing these activities can provide a two-fold uplift for your firm: 1) providing world class competencies at a scale your firm can't achieve, and 2) allowing your firm to focus on its core competencies and activities which yield the highest value to your customers and clients.