who we are

Capital and Enterprise Development (CED) Group

The CED Group is a hybrid, social entrepreneurship venture that unites and aligns both for-profit and non-profit organizations in a network of the very best resources in order to tap into and realize the full economic potential within specialized and targeted industries.

We envision regional economies which are highly inclusive of all communities and a global economy that provides increased inclusion of local and regional resources in competitive supply and value chains. We achieve this by fostering collaborative efforts that marry investment capital with business savvy to develop and implement best practice strategies for the four-fold mission of the organization: increased entrepreneurship, removal of the barriers and support in capital formation, enterprise development, and economic development. In addition, the CED Group provides a unifying framework, a crystallized vision, a set of shared values, and intense focus on discreet and compelling opportunities in the targeted regions and industries.

Mission Vision Values


The CED Group provides the frameworks, advisory services, and means necessary to remove systemic and structural barriers to greater economic inclusion. Our goal is to increase regional and global competitiveness, and capitalize on the unrealized human and economic potential which exist in underutilized and underserved communities by leveraging opportunities in the following areas: 1) development of strategic regional capabilities and industry clusters, 2) technology commercialization and innovation, 3) creative niche and diasporic consumer markets, 4) development of regional infrastructure and needed social networks, and 5) consolidating and scaling critical but non core duplicative business activity. We develop and implement best practices, strategies, models, and frameworks for: economic development, enterprise development, entrepreneurship, and capital formation.


The CED Group envisions full participation of all communities in economic opportunity and wealth creation, with a strong focus on underutilized and underserved communities. By the end of 2020, we want to develop twenty domestic and international competitive and highly inclusive business "ecosystems", with each ecosystem providing sustainable economic development and wealth creation and is comprised of: 1) a network of related entrepreneurs and their businesses, 2) investors and financiers, and 3) the firms and organizations that support them.


Our organizational values reflect how we and our partners show up and operate in the world. Our organizational values include: Mastery and Value Creation, Mutual Support and Cooperation, Diversity and Inclusion, Action Learning and Collaboration, Synergy and Strategic Alliances, Systems Approach and Holistic Thinking, Resource Stewardship, Macro-Economics and Human Dignity, Wisdom and Insight, and Power of Words.

Our team

Advisors and Consultants

Individuals, firms, organizations, and institutions that have knowledge, infrastructure, and networks to support economic and business start-up, growth, and development.


Those with whom we work to develop high levels of business savvy and meet our criteria for specialized support and investment.


Individuals, firms, organizations, and institutions that have capital to invest.


Individuals, including corporate executives, firms, organizations, institutions, government agencies and fortune 1000 companies that have or can create economic opportunities for high expectation entrepreneurs.

Why us


Unlocking potential requires creativity and imagination to overcome the systemic barriers and structural limitations that impede the progressive realization of any worthwhile goal. The CED Group uses creative techniques to develop innovative strategies, plans and solutions.


We support and leverage research in order to develop frameworks that provide true insight for highly leveraged action and highly effective solutions. Our goal is to develop socio-economic models that reflect the truth of how things really work so we can provide solutions that really work.


We partner with our clients to produce the desired results. This requires dogged persistence and determination. And we have the courage and confidence to make commitments and integrity and fortitude to keep them. We do not give up until the results are achieved.